The Division’s New DLC Release Ran Into Some Issues


The Division’s New DLC Release Ran Into Some Issues

Ubisoft’s shooter faces more problems today with the launch of new expansion and 1.3 update; here’s a rundown of what went wrong.

The Division Underground LIVE Xbox One : PS4 and Microsoft fans hit by new update issues ✔

Players on all platforms appear to have been affected by the rollout of the new patch, which brings some big changes in the wake of the new DLC launch.As the name suggests, Underground lets players explore the randomly-generated Subways of New York in solo play or four-person co-op. Play Krunker, a fast-paced FPS game.

The Division – Update 1.3 Underground DLC Release Trailer Breakdown

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Tom Clancy’s The Division- Update 1.3 Underground DLC Release
trailer breakdown
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Can the Underground DLC Save The Division?

New Patch 1.3 Gear Sets:
Discussing several key factors that make it possible for the new Underground DLC to revitalize The Division! Patch 1.2 finally fixed the loot system, more content was added like new incursions and high value targets, and the Underground DLC is also bringing new features to the game!
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