Overwatch Reveals Mercy’s Past In Valkyrie, A New Short Story–Here Are The Lore Highlights


Overwatch Reveals Mercy’s Past In Valkyrie, A New Short Story–Here Are The Lore Highlights

Mercy’s past has been explored in a new short story–here’s what we learned.

What Your Mercy Skin Means

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Mercy | Story, History & Lore | Overwatch

Welcome to Watchpoint: Oak!

In this video we explore the story, history and lore of Mercy!

Oak – Executive Producer – Story, History & Lore
BrutalJuice – Producer – Production & Editing
Squidey – Producer – Overwatch League
TonyRayUK – Producer – Overwatch Visual Design

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WatchpointOAK

“Valkyrie” | Overwatch Audiobook – Fanmade Short Story Reading

Valkyrie – An Overwatch Short Story by Michael Chu
Art & Design by Nesskain & Benjamin Scanlon

“Confront the Past. Protect the Innocent. Rebuild the Future.”
A flying suit weighs heavier on the mind than the shoulders, it seems. Dr. Angela Ziegler once lost herself to the Guardian Angel that is Mercy; but it is her own ideals that will ultimately prove why Heroes Never Die.

Read & Voiced by Euclidean Vision.
“Bastet” by Michael Chu – [https://youtu.be/ZrnVyyeBjcw]
“What You Left Behind” by Alyssa Wong – [https://youtu.be/iYqGN0Fg3vs]

*Some Thoughts*

Subtitles are pending!

This story definitely necessitated the slower pacing, I just hope my reading doesn’t drag!

Voice work took more of a back seat in this one compared to WYLB – I found it hard to really differentiate Mercy & Ana consistently aside from the tone I used, and getting Jack’s soft growl wasn’t any easier for me even after doing Mauga.

I also decided not to use music so as to just let the strength of each story stand on its own, without me influencing the mood. Visuals I think do help somewhat for context or setting though, obviously.


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