nicholaswheeler’s Review of R.B.I. Baseball 15


nicholaswheeler’s Review of R.B.I. Baseball 15

nicholaswheeler’s Review of R.B.I. Baseball 15. Read GameSpot player reviews and contribute your own!

RBI Baseball 16 Review: How Does RBI 16 Stack Up to the Competition?

Spring is in the air, and now so too is baseball season. While many hardcore fans may opt towards a more sim and realistic title, RBI Baseball 16 by MLBAM is a great in between style for the more casual fan of baseball. It is a more artistic and arcade blend to the fairly straightforward sport of Baseball.

Gameplay and Features

RBI Baseball 16 gives exactly what you expect from an arcade style game: fun, fast paced action that delivers the sport you know and love. The game stays true to its arcade type feel; you can perform almost every action in the game with just the directional pad and the “A/X” button. New in this iteration of the classic series is an increased timing for a “perfect” swing. Pitching is exactly what you would expect from this arcade style baseball game: move left and right on the mound to throw inside or outside, as well as moving the pitches after they are released to add break to them. Fielding bodes similar to the rest of the actions in the game as well; throwing to each base with the directional pad pointed towards the base as well as hitting the “A/X” button. One thing I found particularly challenging was catching fly balls. You see a trail of where the ball goes and it really is your own judgement on the landing spot.


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RBI Baseball Wiki

R.B.I. Baseball (known as Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium in Japan) is a baseball video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was developed by Namco and published by Tengen and originally released in 1986. R.B.I. spawned two sequels on the NES as well as versions for the Mega Drive/Genesis, TurboGrafx-16 (PC Engine), Sega 32X, Commodore Amiga, Super NES, Sega Game Gear, and Atari ST. R.B.I. is an initialism for “run batted in”.

Tengen’s controlling company, Namco, developed and released Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium (also known as Family Stadium) for the Family Computer (the Japanese version of the NES) in December 1986. Family Stadium was a success and spawned numerous sequels across a variety of platforms in Japan. Atari Games, the American arcade division and Tengen’s parent company, released a Nintendo Vs. Series version of Family Stadium named Vs. RBI Baseball in 1987. It was also successful, so its programmer, Peter Lipson, developed a console version for the NES.

RBI Baseball was the first console game of its kind to be licensed by the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) and used actual MLB player names, unlike other baseball video games of the late 1980s. It was not licensed by Major League Baseball (MLB) itself, however, and thus did not use team nicknames or logos. Instead, the game contained 8 teams listed only by city name: Boston, California, Detroit, Houston, Minnesota, New York, St. Louis, and San Francisco; their real-life, MLB counterparts were the first place teams in each division in 1986 (Boston, California, Houston, New York) and 1987 (Detroit, Minnesota, St. Louis, San Francisco) MLB seasons. The game also boasted two All-Star teams, American League and National League; the two featured established veterans such as George Brett, Dale Murphy and Andre Dawson—none of whom appeared on the other eight teams—and up-and-coming players like Mark McGwire, Andrés Galarraga, Kevin Seitzer and José Canseco.

Each player has different capabilities in the game; hitters vary in ability to make solid contact, to hit the ball with power, and their base running speed. Vince Coleman is the fastest player in the game; it is very difficult to catch him stealing second base. Pitchers vary in pitching speed, and the amount by which the player can steer the ball left and right during its flight. Pitchers also have varying stamina; as a pitcher gets tired, the ball slows down and is harder to steer. Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens are two pitchers in the game with the fastest pitches. Fernando Valenzuela, without a hard fastball, has tremendous movement in both directions with his pitches. Mike Scott has a sharp and deceptive breaking ball. The best pitcher is debatable, depending on how they are used by the players. There is no evidence that fielding abilities correspond to individual players.

R.B.I. Baseball 15 walk off grand slam

R.B.I. Baseball 15 iPhone / iPod / iPad HD Gameplay Trailer

R.B.I. Baseball 15 by

The legendary Major League Baseball franchise returns to the diamond. Make History.

** ALL iPOD Touch, the iPad 2 and the Original iPad Mini are NOT Supported **

REQUIREMENTS NOTICE: R.B.I. Baseball 15 is ONLY compatible with the following devices: iPad 3, 4, Air, Air 2 and Mini 2, 3 (original Mini not supported); iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus. iPod Touch is NOT supported.. Please make sure your device is supported before downloading.

“RBI Baseball 15’ Mobile Review: Old-School fun on the go 4 out of 5 Stars” –

What’s New in 2015:

*Authentic ballparks with unique characteristics from every Major League Baseball club
*Modify your lineup with complete MLB rosters or play classic R.B.I. Baseball mode with 16 player rosters
*Stat tracking by team, player and season league leaders across multiple seasons
*Features over 1,000 MLB Players with detailed attributes based on hundreds of millions of data points from the database
*Own the pitch: Control the movement of your pitch from start to finish
*Season, Postseason & Exhibition Mode
*Adjustable difficulty settings; Easy, Medium, Hard
*Intuitive touch controls
*Automatically Save and Resume your in-progress ballgame

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What’s New in Version 1.02
• Stability improvements
• Lighting and shader fixes (improved skin tones and hair color)
• Minor bug fixes