Here’s Something Returnal Absolutely Doesn’t Tell You


Here’s Something Returnal Absolutely Doesn’t Tell You

You’ll need a lot of different upgrades to access all the side paths in Returnal, but the lighter orange force fields might confuse you. Here’s how to deal with them.

Returnal: Everything You Need to Know Before You Play – IGN Game Prep

IGN’s Game Prep is your guide to getting you prepped for everything you need to know before playing Housemarque’s Returnal. Brian Altano is detailing tips for getting familiar with the game’s systems and mechanics, currency, combat, and even a boss encounter to get you one step closer to crossing Returnal off your backlog.

IGN’s Game Prep will dive into the rogue-like mechanics in Returnal, progression, item progression, upgrades, unlocks, currency like Silphium Resin, artifacts, parasites, Obolites, keys, Ether, and more. Additionally, we’re taking a look at malignancy, malfunctions, overloads, and even early game help with the Overgrown Ruins biome and Phrike boss encounter.

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Returnal Just Got MUCH Harder | Biome 3 PS5 Gameplay

This is where it gets real. Derelict citadel, biome 3, Returnal PS5 Gameplay 2k 60fps.

Returnal | Live – Die – Repeat | PS5

Here’s another Playstation 5 exclusive title. Returnal does a great job at enhancing the player’s immersion through it’s atmospheric world, interaction sound designs & the use of both haptic feedback & adaptive triggers.